The masonic journey of M.W. Bro. Rajeev Ramkrishna Khandelwal, OSM began on 5th October 1984 when he was initiated as Entered Apprentice Freemason in Lodge Gondwana No. 226, Nagpur.
In the very next year, during the first annual ritual working competition of Lodge Gondwana, he won the Award for the best performance as Worshipful Master. Brethren, he was just a Master Mason in the lodge at that time.
Climbing up the ladder one step at a time, he was installed as the Worshipful Master of Lodge Gondwana in the year 1990. Brethren, this humble mason has, in his Masonic career, occupied each and every office that exists in a Lodge.
M.W. Bro. Rajeev Khandelwal’s passion for ritual working is very well known not only to the Freemasons of the Western Region but to Masons all over the country. He is one of the few Masons who would deliver any Charge or perform ritual working of any degree at the shortest possible notice.
He was the one who introduced the concept of ‘Newsletter’ in Masonry by publishing the newsletter of Lodge Gondwana no. 226.

Apart from Lodge Gondwana No. 226, M.W. Bro. Rajeev Khandelwal has also been a member of St. Andrews Lodge No. 6, Nagpur and Past Masters Lodge No. 342. He was the founder Secretary of Lodge Matheran No. 135. He is a joining member of Lodge Khurshid Cama No. 209 and Lodge Trimurty no. 294. He was a founder member of Lodge Vivekananda No. 367.
His journey as an Officer of Regional Grand Lodge of Western India began in 1991 as Past Regional Grand Steward. He received his first active rank in 1995 as Regional Grand Standard Bearer. And brethren, since then he has always been an active officer in the Western Region till he completed his tenure as the Regional Grand Master in 2012.

During his tenure as the Regional Grand Master of Western India, M.W. Bro. Rajeev Khandelwal achieved many milestones for the Region and introduced innovations that are very useful in the rapidly progressing world where technology is at the forefront.
He pioneered the concept of Masonic workshops, quizzes and seminars during the Annual and Special Meetings of Regional Grand Lodge of Western India when he was the Regional Grand Master.
The most striking feature of his tenure as the Regional Grand Master was the Active Officers Training Workshops which were held at Lonavala and Karmazari. These workshops are still continuing.
M.W. Bro. Rajeev Khandelwal has always believed that ‘Service to humanity is the best work of life’ and he does it very silently. He has done innumerable charitable projects right from the time he was just a Master Mason.
As the Regional Grand Master, two of his many charitable projects need a special mention. The first one was construction of not one but two ‘Senior Citizen Homes’ in Nagpur that were completed and inaugurated in a record time. The second one was ‘Jyotirgamaya’ project of Grand Lodge of India in which the Western Region provided solar lights to as many as 19 villages located in remotest areas. The Western Region got the distinction of executing the second highest number of solar panel installations.
In Grand Lodge of India, he received his first rank as active Grand Steward in 1998. He gradually moved up the ranks in the Grand Lodge and this journey culminated in his election as MW The Grand Master in November 2017 for the ensuing three-year term from November 2018 to 2021.
He was Installed as MW The Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of India on 24th November 2018 and the First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of India and the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of India on 25th November 2018 in his home town of Nagpur. His popularity among Freemasons is evident from the registration of more than 1200 Brethren from all over the country and abroad for the Grand Festival 2018 in Nagpur.
For his devotion, dedication and exemplary services rendered to Freemasonry, M.W. Bro. Rajeev Khandelwal was conferred with the highest honour of Order of Service to Masonry (OSM).