Masonic Education Programme

Freemasonry makes good men better by teaching them the practice of every moral and social virtue. This education is imparted through ritual working. Our ritual is infused with Masonic symbolism and a deeper contemplation is necessary to understand fully it’s teachings. This requires regular and frequent effort.

Making a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge is the lot of every Brother. Masonic knowledge can be broadly divided in 3 parts:

  1. Masonic rituals and philosophy
  2. Masonic History and Constitution as well as the laws governing Masonry
  3. Administrative aspects of a Lodge and the duties of Officers

To help Brethren systematically approach the task, Grand Lodge of India has launched a Masonic Education Programme.
The Grand Lodge of India Masonic Education Programme will be divided in 3 parts- Certificate, Diploma and Jewel and will be an distance course.
All Master Masons are eligible to enroll for the program and can apply by downloading the application form.

Download Application form

The Certificate course is being launched on 31st January 2023 and the fees for the same is Rs 1000/- payable online or by cheque.
Payment details are provided in the Registration Form.

Instructions to candidates:

  1. Download the form Application form
  2. Fill in the form carefully filling in course opted, Email and whatsapp number
  3. Payment can be done as per details given in bank.
  4. Fill in the payment details in bank.
  5. Mail the form on glindiamep@gmail.com
  6. Once the payment has been verified by the accounts department you will receive a confirmation of successful enrolment.

Dates to keep in Mind
The Last Date of Application is 15th March 2023.
Course starts 1st April 2023

As seats are limited and will be offered on first to apply basis, all Master Masons are encouraged to apply immediately.

In case of questions queries and more details about the programme please contact:

R.W.Bro.G.D.Rao – Co-Ordinator
W.Bro.Bhagirath Singh Jadeja – Assistant Co-Ordinator

Mobile R.W.Bro.G.D.Rao (9810984411)
E-Mail: glindiamep@gmail.com